Promo CD Duplication

30 08 2011

I can now offer a Promo CD duplication service for all you bands, producers & DJ’s out there who are on a tight budget (most of us!).  I will be doing short runs of CD’s that can be sent out to radio stations, press, promoters and given out at gigs.  They are still a massively important tool for promotion and I will explain why below:

My band Million Way found that we would be doing gigs and the crowds would be appearing to be really digging our music yet very few of them would actually search for our website and download our EP (which we offer for free!).  During our sets we announce that our EP is downloadable and free more than once but something wasn’t getting through.

So instead we thought that we’d print a load of CDs and use them as a vehicle to get our music out to the audiences computers.  Your music is much more valuable on iTunes now so after shows we’d go round with CDs and offer them out for free so the audience could take them home and whack it on their Laptop/iPod etc and share with friends.  This also made a massive difference to the traffic flowing through our website as the web address was right there in front of them.

These pictures show the CDs we hand out and an example of an established artist’s promo CD:


As you can see there’s no fancy design or sleeve just the names of the songs, the website and the instructions.  It really is a great way to get your music out there and it is very affective!

If you would like to order a batch please visit this page on my website: CD Duplication and you can see costings etc there.  I’m really just doing this for mates and mates of mates to give you guys a cheaper way of getting your music out there so get involved and get promoting!




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